Monday, August 31, 2009

China-made gadgets vs. Original Brands

While it is true that our modern world demands a lot from the new generation of consumers, many people still looks for a cheaper alternative considering the fall of the global economy.

Nowadays people are finding more ways to spend less but still hoping to get the same satisfaction they would feel if they bought the original. Of course, this is far from possible since: "Nothing beats the original."

To feed the growing number of demands of consumers who could not afford the greatest quality of media available, our good techie friends from China came with ideas to imitate popular brands (even the appearance of the gadgets being copied from). True enough, it became a hit in the country considering most of the masses cannot afford to buy something out-of-budget.

China-made gadgets like phones , digital cameras, and mp3 players offer almost the same perks as the original ones--even more. But the downfall of it is the quality of the product. Most people say one factor that China plays it big in the world market today is because they believe in quantity over quality. Believing that their products would be able to reach many customers in a short period of time. This may be effective but the quality may suffer. Say among 10 China made phones half of the count may break easily because of poor quality.

China-made products are cool don't get me wrong I just think it would be much better if they claim their own and not imitate other brands so they could make a name for themselves and not just settle for the tag "imitation" whenever China-made gadgets come to mind.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

truth be told

I think my recurring mistakes were pretty obvious and that a friend was right when she said to me that the same problems will keep occurring to me until I attend to it and ultimately get it over with.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I've been pretty much running away like a coward all my life. So coward in fact that I can barely admit to myself that I've been running away from everything that hints the word “hard.”

I let people believe, through my words of advices, that I am a learned person through experience. I used to believe in that too, until I learned that I don't deserve such credit because I haven't really gained it yet-- I still haven't learned my lesson, or maybe I did but I was too frail to really live it all the way.

This is truth. And all this time I let myself believe that I know what my truth is. But now I realized that truth starts by being honest to myself, honest about my weaknesses, honest about what I really want in life and not what others think I am best at, honest about how I feel and expressing it just as it is when it comes, honest about my fears—like that of being fond of starting a fire and being afraid to put it out myself, afraid I might get burned if I did.

I think of all the countless times that I made empty promises with myself, but this time, this has just got to be it. There could be no other. This has to work or no other pact will. It's time to put the past to rest and finally move on with now. To pursue whatever it is I believe in no matter what. To not give up, because resting is a whole lot different from giving up.

If faith is what I lack, faith is what I'll seek. If I can't find it, I'll ask Him to search with me. There are s many things to learn about life. That just when we think we know it all, we're all but little dimwits at the end of the day. cos nobody really gets to know EVERYTHING---even until they die.

Saturday, July 4, 2009



Forcing yourself to do something may most of the time be good. It can define your limit and can surprise you when you exceed your expected self-restrictions you always knew will never back down--until you tried and you proved yourself wrong.

This is a big world. And for all we know, we might have been moving in small circles all this time when there's so much more to see. Life's about taking chances. But we have to choose what chances to take, consider first if it will be for the better or the worse.

I read once about lifescripts. I think the word defines itself. It says that every person is bound to move and think depending on the star that influences them. Simply put, it's like a person's comfort zone made complicated. But experts suggest that people ought to move out of their 'lifescript' and not be stuck--- for in staying in what they are used to will hinder personal growth.

If there's anything I lack it's a dream, a goal, and an aspiration. Sure I've went pass the “wanting of a good life” but that was about it. I was always vague about what I want out of life so maybe I find it even more harder to focus on achieving something when I don't even know what I'm aiming for.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

thinking from outside the box

Someday, you'll get to the point when life forces you to make decisions right away even when you don't want to. You're caught in a struggle between what's wrong and what's right because secretly you just want to let loose and do the wrong thing. But you know it has its consequences.

These consequences, they affect people in your life, again, whether you like it or not. So you think again, and think hard if that wrong thing is worth the shot. You reason with yourself, and ask over and over: “how can it be wrong when it feels so right?”

Some say that feelings are fleeting; and that it can be worse than a backstabbing friend; one moment you're so caught up in a daze and your stomach is so full of butterflies, next thing you know you just simply don't care anymore. And sometimes, when you think you lost that love for a person, you find yourself coming back to retrieve what was lost.

Some say that feelings and love are plainly different. Associated,yes. But still different. They say that love requires feelings but it also requires responsibility, respect,selflessness, and commitment. Some people refuse to take these things as a whole and treat it like a pack of M&M's where you just take in the colors you want and throw away the colors you don't like.

What people are mostly afraid of is the weight of responsibility and commitment. But when you truly love someone, those things, it would be effortless.

It's like running for a cause to save many lives.

You run away from all the distractions and just aim straight ahead the finish line. Knowing that when you do, so many people will thank you for it. Your knees become shaky and you feel like you just want to give up. But then you think of all the people counting on you so you withstand the pain and run.

Life requires a lot of decisions, and unfortunately enough, some decisions requires an awful lot of maturity. It's one thing to find happiness for your own and do whatever you want, but it's another to be selfless and do what you have to do. It comes as we age and that's how you determine your growth as a person.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Practicality your face.

This should get pretty vague, but you have to bear with me (I'm not even sure if this would ever be read). Well as much as talking to myself with the screen goes, I'll shoot it.

I'll make this as sensible as possible.

I don't get it how people are so used to eating up their own words and look like they haven't said a word about it when they tell it in your face.

They say that there is a fine line between being practical and wanting 'enough' in this life. I'd like to second the motion.

Here's the deal, you know you're getting enough when you're getting by three meals a day, and all necessities are met. You're being practical when you take measures that goes against your principles just to get what you want.

I just hate it when people want so much when so many have less.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I am the 'aw' in flaw.

To officially start this blog, let me introduce myself. My Initials are J.A.R.M and I prefer to be anonymous with the pseudo yajeed because I believe it enhances the curiosity of whoever is up for a mental challenge.I grew up in the Metro. That's as far as geography is concerned---never really my favorite subject.

As a person, I am emotionally challenged. I have a certain disorder of altering moods that surfaces in a very non-synchronized way. Confused? Let me help you understand a tad bit better. I am like a mix tape. I have a side A and a side B. Side A plays the Pussy Cat Dolls' When I Grow up---translation: is a vain, happy, friendly, pesky, humorous,non-sense, and talkative me. The side B plays Flyleaf's I am sorry. Translation: is me as the antisocial, lazy, apathetic, low-self-esteemed-emo-girl-wannabe (minus the black eyeliner and the heavy beyngs---aaand! the black goth outfit).

I am not certain if the psychological world has a label for this kind of blah that I have. But identified or not, I couldn't care less. I love this A and B side of me. It's exciting actually. I learned to treat this as a uniqueness rather an abnormality. It's something in me that I will always chase after; my emotions are my personal mystery.

I believe life's really on how you see things. You don't get to choose circumstances, but you have the choice to manipulate your emotions the way you want it to(personal theory, yet to be tested).

I love learning new things and gaining wisdom as well. I value Respect so much I think it should come first before Love. Love fades, respect doesn't.

My greatest frustrations are: drawing (I am a big fan of sticks and circles), long model-ish legs, people who just have the knack for talking for long hours without boring their audience( i.e., radio jocks).

WELL this has been therapeutic. Like my life is laid down right before my face,just the way I wanted it to be narrated.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I had another account here but I can't seem to access it anymore. So I made a new one. Here's to more entries (I hope) haha.